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We help you manage your employees’, students’ and children’s digital habits and keep them safe in the online world

Safes Solutions:

Safes for families

Our next generation safety services Safes ensures your children’s or students’ safety and security in the vast and boundaryless world of the Internet, by letting you monitor your children’s text messages, searches, emails, screen time, and apps activity, providing healthy digital habits for children and ease of mind for parents and caregivers. It allows you to share your location with your child, track your child’s location and manage numerous accounts from a single platform.


Schools with experience handing out devices to students should have a well-thought-through plan for how devices will be used for class meetings, lessons, and homework. Safes gives this opportunity to schools and teachers to use the advantages of the internet without being exposed to distracting content.


the ultimate MDM solution service Safes Enterprises helps you remotely manage devices, on any platform, you can have control over all corporate mobile devices, and secure your company’s data. With Safes enterprise BYOD is a simple advantage for companies without any compromise. It also helps companies to increase productivity and lower costs.


Stay current on digital safety with us

From modern businesses to schools and even families, SternX accompanies you and helps you supervise all the devices and secure the data.

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