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Automate Tedious Tasks and Enhance Digital Security

Get to know us and learn about the limitless ways we help you meet your digital needs, from streamlining IT management or HR tasks in your company to ensuring your children or students’ digital safety.

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To Help You

Protect, Educate, Moderate

Everything you need to monitor, manage, and protect your team, whether it’s your family, students, or employees.

Parental Controls

Monitor and manage your child’s online activity and protect them from the dangers of the digital world.

School Digital Safety

Maximize your students’ productivity by setting rules and limits on their digital devices.

Company Management

Simplify the supervision and management of each and every device in your company.

What We Have to Offer

Safety, Efficiency, Simplicity

No matter the size of your family, school, or company, we are here to help you keep them safe and under control.

Safes - Parental Control
Safes school - Student Digital Safety
Trio - Device Management

Shield Your Family from Digital Threats

  • Encourage healthy device usage habits by setting screen time limits on your little one’s devices
  • Block inappropriate websites and search results on your child’s electronic devices
  • Monitor children’s social activity on apps like Instagram, TikTok, WhatsApp, and more
  • Locate your kids wherever they go, even when you’re not around
  • Receive full reports of your child’s digital activity on all devices
Smart Screen Live Location Smart App Rules Geofencing Activity Reports App Monitoring Safe Search

Boost Your Students’ Productivity

  • Detect and address inappropriate behavior by students on social media platforms like TikTok, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Eliminate excessive device usage by limiting the time students spend on their phones
  • Get notified the moment students get in or out of school
  • Remove distractions by disabling addictive games and apps
  • Filter out inappropriate websites and content on the internet
Screen Time Limit Web Filter Location History Class Profiles Activity Reports App Monitoring Safe Search

Masterfully Manage Every Device

  • Protect company data on all devices used in your organization
  • Keep your devices safe and on track by automatically enforcing your and your company’s policies
  • Reduce expenses by blocking access to unnecessary websites, applications, and services
  • Instantly detect suspicious activity by monitoring your entire device fleet in real time
  • Track each device and every employee as they enter or exit your specified areas
Software Management Location Services Endpoint Security Kiosk Mode Remote Maintenance Patch Management Integration

What Makes Us Different

Where Creativity Streamlines Security

Get to know us by learning more about our vision, our ambition, and the things we made our mission.


We made it our mission to help every family, school, and company keep their little ones, students, and assets safe in the digital world.


Striving to stay ahead of the curve, we continuously come up with cutting-edge solutions that meet the ever-changing needs of our customers.


Aiming to keep things as simple and cost-effective as possible for our customers, we value nothing more than the automation of our services.

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About Us

Our Goal

To provide the world with the simplest IT management solutions

Our Way

Surveying hundreds of families, schools, and companies, our team curated our products to be as user-friendly and simple as possible.

Constantly improving our services with the latest security updates, we pride ourselves on the safety of our products.

Striving for the perfect balance between quality and affordability, we ensure our customers get the most out of our services without breaking the bank.

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What Others Say About SternX

Safes has been a lifesaver for me! I can now rest assured that my child is not developing an addiction to their phone and social media.
Safes School has made my job so much easier! With the Geofence feature, I can easily set up virtual boundaries around the school and keep track of my students when they arrive at or leave the school.

Before Trio, it was a nightmare to keep track of all the different devices and ensure they were up to date with the latest security patches. Now, I can easily manage every device from one central dashboard and ensure everyone follows the proper policies.

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