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News & Announcements 2 Min Read
News & Announcements 2 Min Read

Introducing New Kids Safes App on iOS (v1.0)

Introducing New Kids Safes App on iOS (v1.0)

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Enjoy Safes Kids parental control app updated version with its new features and amazing improvements on iOS. Here are some highlights of keeping children safe online: 


Monitor your kid’s “Screen Time” on each app with Safes Kids App:

It is now possible to monitor how much time your child spends on each app throughout the day with Safes Kids. As well as organizing apps into bundles and setting limits for each, Safes Kids lets you make a screen time schedule by checking your child’s screen time habits. You can also group all games together and restrict them all at once, or limit the time your child spends on social media apps by grouping them in one place. 


Use “App Blocker” without any device management tool

We’ve enhanced our app blocker feature to further ensure children’s online safety. This upgraded version allows users to utilize it independently of device management tools. With this feature, you can easily block explicit content and manage access to apps by categories. Additionally, you have the flexibility to make exceptions for specific apps as needed. These improvements bolster parental controls within the Safes app, providing caregivers with greater control over their children’s digital activities and safeguarding them from potentially harmful content.


Check your child’s Activity Report for each app:

With our Activity Report feature, you can now see your child’s activity report per app. Safes app keep track of the time your child spends playing every game, so if you find anything concerning, you can limit it. Activity Report lets you track your child’s screen time daily, weekly, and monthly. 


Protect your child’s web surfing with Safe Search with Safes Kids App

With Safe Search ios, you can monitor your child’s browsing activity and ensure they’re not exposed to inappropriate adult content. Using the safe search settings, you can filter out offensive and explicit results from search engines, protecting your child from harmful online content. This feature utilizes a database of inappropriate keyword categories customized to your child’s age, providing peace of mind for parents concerned about their child’s online safety.

Enjoy accurate and consistent location services with safes kid app

Our live location services have been improved to make them more user-friendly and reliable and is available both on Android phones, iphone or ipad. You can now always keep track of your child, regardless of whether they are online or offline. Featuring an incredible location history and a geofence that can be relied upon at all times, you can always keep track of where they are. 


Secure the app with uninstall protection:

With this feature, you don’t have to worry about your kid uninstalling the app without your permission. Only you can give your kid the password to uninstall the app. 

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